What are Skill Tags®?

Think of Skill Tags® as Scout merit badges, but for sports and the elementary classroom. Rather than patches sewn onto a sash, Skill Tags® are durable, high-quality bag tags that kids earn, collect, and display on their sports/school bags and backpacks.

Coaches use Skill Tags® to help focus young players on specific skill moves and positive character development traits, then recognize successful execution or demonstration of these skills or traits in competition. Coaches can recognize achievement, build confidence, and promote player enjoyment and retention - regardless of the score in any youth sports competition.

Skill Tags® can be fully customized with club logos, colors, and terminology. Backside printing is complimentary, allowing youth organizations to sell this space to local sponsors to help offset costs.

Using Skill Tags®

Check out the following example of Skill Tags® for a youth soccer team. The same general ideas would be used to implement Skill Tags® for other sports, as well as for the elementary classroom (with some slight modifications).

Getting started using custom Skill Tags® is as easy as 1, 2, 3...um...4.


Create or Choose

Submit your logo and skills, and work with our uber-talented Creatives to design custom Skill Tags® for your team featuring your logo, colors, and terminology.


Define Your Culture

Use your new Skill Tags® to give your young athletes a global view of which skills, ideas, positive character traits, etc. will be focused on in the coming weeks.  Manage parent expectations and get parental buy-in as you clearly define your culture of player and personal development over scores.

Parents - in this weekend’s tournament, in addition to cheering in appreciation for goals. I also expect you to cheer and support when you see one of our players attempt and execute the Pull Back Turn we’ve been working on in training.
— Cool Coach Chuck

Encourage Attempt
Promote Creativity
Banish the Fear

Encourage your athletes to attempt (practice) newly learned techniques under the pressures of game-situations, promote creativity, and free them from the fear of making mistakes.

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see performance levels increase.


Recognize Success
See the Smiles
Build Confidence
Increase Enjoyment
Ignite Passion
Raise Performance
Inspire Learning

After the game, recognize the players with the Skill Tag®, watch them race over to add the award to their growing collection of earned Skill Tags® on their backpacks, and...well, enough said above.



Club Directors
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Pricing includes 2-sided, full-color printing and 6" clear plastic loop bag attachments if needed.

Larger tag sizes available.

For orders of more than 5,000 pieces, please contact us for a quote. Use our contact form here, or call us at (888) 510-6233.


Production Fees

Job Set Up Fee - $60

Version Change Fee (if applicable) - $25 per additional design after the first

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is five (5) business days from final artwork approval. Rush Production (1-day and 3-day) is available if needed.


We ship via UPS or FedEx Ground. This could be up to five (5) business days to some parts of the country, so please factor this time in when you order. Expedited shipping is available if needed. We can either use your shipping account number, or bill you.