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70% of young athletes quit organized sports by the age of 12

There is a growing danger in youth sports today.

Young athletes are being taught to focus on short-term, winning results; rather than on skill development which sets the critical foundation for long-term involvement, enjoyment, and success in their sport of choice.

This misguided focus on winning results, results due in large part to factors ultimately out of a young athlete’s control...

  1. sets athletes up for failure
  2. dulls interest and passion
  3. instills a fear of making mistakes
  4. squashes individual freedom, risk-taking, and creativity
  5. leads to decreased performance due to tension and anxiety
  6. drives kids away from organized sport, robing them of the benefits of athletic participation

All of this is making the GAMES no longer fun for the PLAYers.

We are here to help address this issue through the implementation of Skill Tags®.


Skill Tags®

Award-winning custom bag tags that adults use to recognize kids' skill development and achievement in youth sports and in the classroom.


Tournament Tags®

Skillzys® award-winning Tournament Tags® are high-quality, economical participant giveaways for youth sporting events. Completely customizable with event and sponsor logos, colors, and any messaging or text information.

Become a Tournament Partner and 1) save up to 25% off our standard volume pricing, and 2) benefit from our Tournament Partner Perks which include FREE gifts for your participating team coaches, FREE credentials for your event staff, or FREE Skill Tags® for your program's younger athletes.


Event Credentials

Enhance the image of your event with professionally-designed credentials, access passes, and badges. 


Golf Rule Tags®