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Tournament Directors,

Looking for something besides the typical pin, patch, water bottle, or rubber bag tag to use as participant giveaways this year? Well, we've launched a new, unique, and inexpensive alternative that is professional, classy, and cool.

Tournament Tagz® are 30mil PVC cards that have a similar size and feel of a typical credit card.  Tournament Tagz® can be fully customized with tournament logos, host club colors, and event information (dates, location, website URL, etc).  Our TeamID option allows tournaments to add variable data to the Tagz®, personalizing each Tag with participating team names, age groups, and competitive flight information.  Check out the samples on our Tournament Tagz® mini-site.

All Tournament Tagz® are punched with a hole in the upper left-hand corner and fit onto our Bag Attachments.  Coaches and players can collect and display Tournament Tagz® on their sports bags and backpacks, commemorating their participation in your event and giving your event extended branding opportunities all year round.

Backside printing is available, enabling tournaments to sell exposure opportunities to local sponsors, using the proceeds to help offset the initial expenditure for the product. 

We can also produce Star of the Match and Tournament MVP Brag Tagz™, or specific Game Rewards Skillzys® that you can provide participating teams so coaches can recognize individual player performances.  We've even had tournaments provide coaches with Star of the Match Brag Tagz™ to award to players on opposing teams.  Be as creative as you'd like!

If interested, our new Premier Partner program passes on exclusive reduced Tournament Tagz® pricing.